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Server Rates Rates with Normal and Premium account
Normal Account Premium Account
Exp / Sp x0.7 x1
Drop x0.7 x1
Spoil x0.7 x1
Adena x0.7 x1
Raid Boss x0.7 x0.7
Epic Boss x0.7 x0.7
7 sign x0.7 x1
Manor x1 x1
Keymats Drop/Spoil x1 20% to drop/spoil x2

All party members are affected from Premium Account. Example: If there are 9 members in your party and only 1 member has Premium Account, the +30% Bonus benefit from Premium Account will be divided by 9. Premium Account is bound to the whole Account that purchases it. Premium Account cannot be transfered.

Enchant Item enchant limits and rates
Safe Enchant +3
Fullbody Safe Enchant +4
Max Enchant Weapon +16
Max Enchant Armor/Jewels +16
Normal Scroll Rate 56%
Blessed Scroll Rate 60%

The enchant rate is constant for each enchant level.

General information Server Details
etc_l2_i00.png Version Interlude
skill5239.png Schedules GMT +2
skill5239.png Max Clients per HWID 3
skill5239.png Bot protection Active Anti Cheat premium version - And active team of gms (clickers, interfaces, bot programs = BAN account without any warning.)
etc_spirit_bullet_gold_i00.png Buff Slots 20 + 4 (24 maximum with Divine Inspiration Level 4)
skill1427.png NPC Buffer with all buffs for free, duration 1 hour
skill1427.png Characters Buff Time Retail
etc_reagent_blue_i00.png Fang of Stakato tradable
etc_reagent_blue_i00.png All skills type of resurrection effect lasts 5 minutes
etc_mineral_unique_i03.png Augument Chance NG Skill: 0.5% | Mid Skill: 1.5% | High Skill: 3.5% | Top Skill: 5%
skill0444_a.png Skill Sweeper Festival added to Scavenger class at level 28.
skill1427.png Flames of invincibility High Five style only for movement, spells not required, the effect disappears on any action.
skill1427.png All clan members affect by clan skills (rank doesn't matter)
Weapon_unique_zariche_i00 Zariche and Akamanah disabled
Daily Events Details
# Name Start time gmt+2 Lvl Duration Reward
etc_l2_i00.png Discord Giveaway Random 1+ N/A N/A
etc_l2_i00.png TOP sites Vote Individual 10+ & 12 hours Vote Medals
Until the server opening descriptions maybe updated. Stay tuned.
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