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Server Rates Rates with Normal and Premium account
Normal Account Premium Account With Runes Premium + Runes
Exp / Sp x10 x13 x13 x16
Drop x5 x6.5 x6.5 x8
Spoil x5 x6.5 x6.5 x8
Adena x5 x6.5 x6.5 x8
Raid Boss x3 x3 N/A N/A
Epic Boss x1 x1 N/A N/A
7 sign x3 x3.9 N/A N/A
Manor x1 x1 N/A N/A
Keymats Drop/Spoil x1 x2 N/A N/A
Free all Skins NO YES N/A N/A
Buffs from NPC buffer 1 hour 2 hours N/A N/A

Benefit of premium account is +30% for all rates, except of normal and epic bosses. All party members are affected from Premium Account. Example: If there are 9 members in your party and only 1 member has Premium Account, the +30% Bonus benefit from Premium Account will be divided by 9. Premium Account is bound to the whole Account that purchases it. Premium Account cannot be transfered.

Enchant Item enchant limits and rates
Safe Enchant +3
Fullbody Safe Enchant +4
Max Enchant Weapon +16
Max Enchant Armor/Jewels +16
Normal Scroll Rate 56%
Blessed Scroll Rate 60%

The enchant rate is constant for each enchant level.

General information Server Details
etc_l2_i00.png Version Interlude
skill5239.png Schedules GMT +2
skill5239.png Max Clients per HWID 4
skill5239.png Bot protection Active Anti Cheat premium version
Armor_t69_ul_i00 GM Shop up to B Grade, with all necessary consumable items.
etc_spirit_bullet_gold_i00.png Buff Slots 24 + 4 (28 maximum with Divine Inspiration Level 4)
skill1427.png NPC Buffer with all buffs for free, duration 1 hour
skill1427.png Characters Buff Time Retail
skill1111.png Class Master, 1st and 2nd class for free. 3rd class price 50.000.000 adena
skill1056.png A and S grade 100% recipes, you need x2 materials to craft.
etc_reagent_blue_i00.png Mana Potion restores 1000 MP with 5 second reuse
etc_reagent_blue_i00.png Fang of Stakato tradable
etc_reagent_blue_i00.png All skills type of resurrection effect lasts 5 minutes
etc_mineral_unique_i03.png Augument Chance NG Skill: 1% | Mid Skill: 3% | High Skill: 7% | Top Skill: 10%
skill0444_a.png Skill Sweeper Festival added to Scavenger class at level 28.
skill1427.png Flames of invincibility High Five style only for movement, spells not required, the effect disappears on any action.
skill1427.png All clan members affect by clan skills
Weapon_unique_zariche_i00 Zariche and Akamanah disabled
Daily Events Details
# Name Start time gmt+2 Lvl Duration Win Lose Tie Places
etc_l2_i00.png Nightmare 04:00 10:00 16:00 22:00 76+ 1 hour Medals N/A N/A 10
etc_l2_i00.png Team Deathmatch 06:00 12:00 18:00 23:59 76+ 7 minutes 5 Medal 1 Medal 1 Medal Team
etc_l2_i00.png Deathmatch 08:00 14:00 20:00 02:00 76+ 7 minutes Medals 1 Medal N/A 10
etc_l2_i00.png Last Man Stand 09:00 15:00 21:00 03:00 76+ 15 minutes 20 CoL 1 Medal N/A 1
etc_l2_i00.png Discord Giveaway Random 1+ 48 hours Misc N/A N/A 1 - 10
Nightmare Event descriptions

Event location Lair of Antharas. Zone chaotic. In center of the lair located aggressive RaidBoss called Nightmare. The mission on this event is to collect as much as possible PVP and kill the Nightmare boss for extra drop. The drop will go to the party with most damage, priority to pick up 30 seconds. 1 random player from the party who did last hit, will level up soul crystal with 100% chance. Min lvl 10 max lvl 13. Nightmare boss drop 100 - 200 Event Medal with 100% chance, and 50 - 100 Coin of Luck with 25% chance. Top 10 PvP scorers, will split 100 medals.

Olympiad games Information about the Olympic Games
03.01.2022 Starts the first cycle
The cycle is 7 days. Heroes every Monday 12:00.
+6 Enchant limit apply when you enter the Olympic arena.
20-24h Only non-class based games are available. Minimum 9 participants to start.
Changed Quests Rates changed only for important quests
etc_imperial_scepter_i02.png Quest Sub-class  Baium is not required Retail
weapon_sprites_staff_i00.png Quest Nobless Retail
Etc_recipe_black_i00_0.jpg Relics of the Old Empire x3
Etc_recipe_black_i00_0.jpg Gather The Flames x3
Etc_recipe_black_i00_0.jpg Alliance with the Ketra Orcs x3
Etc_recipe_black_i00_0.jpg Alliance with the Varka Silenos x3
Etc_recipe_black_i00_0.jpg War with Ketra Orcs x3
Etc_recipe_black_i00_0.jpg War with the Varka Silenos x3
Etc_recipe_black_i00_0.jpg The Finest Food x3
Etc_recipe_violet_i00_0.jpg A Powerful Primeval Creature x3
Etc_recipe_violet_i00_0.jpg Legacy of Insolence x3
Etc_recipe_violet_i00_0.jpg Exploration of Giants Cave Part 1 x3
Etc_recipe_violet_i00_0.jpg Exploration of Giants Cave Part 2 x3
Etc_scroll_of_enchant_weapon_i05_0.jpg Seekers of the Holy Grail x3
Etc_scroll_of_enchant_weapon_i05_0.jpg Guardians of the Holy Grail x3
Etc_powder_white_i00_0.jpg Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force x3
Etc_powder_white_i00_0.jpg The Zero Hour x3
Etc_powder_white_i00_0.jpg Delicious Top Choice Meat x3
Etc_powder_white_i00_0.jpg Heart in Search of Power x3
Etc_sword_body_i00_0.jpg Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe x3
Etc_scroll_of_enchant_weapon_i01_0.jpg Yoke of the Past x3
Raid Bosses - Sub & Noblesse To gain experience and unlock skills.

These Raid Bosses have been gifted by the gods and can unlock amazing abilities completing the subclass, noblesse, ketra - varka war and alliance quest. We are waiting players around the world, therefore, on all Raid and Epic Bosses, large randomization is enabled, which will bring more fair gameplay for any time zone. Also all Raid and Epic Bosses time spawn will be available at BossManager NPC, or by commands .epic .raid .boss .rb Use any of those commands which is more convenient for you.

Nobless quest will be available to start from 20.12.2021

All normal raid bosses modified. p.Atk, m.Atk, p.Def, m.Def, MaxHp, MaxMp x2

# Name Zone 1st Spawn Respawn
weapon_sprites_staff_i00.png 80 Level - Flame Splendor of Barakiel Restricted for Noblesse 18.12.2021 - 23:59 12 - 24 hours
etc_imperial_scepter_i01.png 80 Level - Golkonda Normal 18.12.2021 - 23:30 12 - 24 hours
etc_imperial_scepter_i00.png 80 Level - Kernon Normal 18.12.2021 - 23:00 12 - 24 hours
etc_imperial_scepter_i02.png 80 Level - Hallate Normal 18.12.2021 - 22:30 12 - 24 hours
etc_imperial_scepter_i00.png 80 Level - Cabrio Normal 18.12.2021 - 22:00 12 - 24 hours
etc_ketra_badge_grunt_i00.png 80 Level - Ketra's Hero Hekaton Normal 19.12.2021 - 23:00 12 - 24 hours
etc_ketra_badge_captn_i01.png 80 Level - Ketra's Commander Tayr Normal 19.12.2021 - 23:30 12 - 24 hours
etc_barka_badge_grunt_i00.png 80 Level - Varka's Hero Shadith Normal 19.12.2021 - 23:00 12 - 24 hours
etc_barka_badge_captin_i01.png 80 Level - Varka's Commander Mos Normal 19.12.2021 - 23:30 12 - 24 hours
Epic Bosses Competition and real cash rewards

The Epics bosses are the biggest challenge and will give the biggest rewards for whoever dares to face them, Their jewels will give an unimaginable power. All epics respawn faster, added +12 hours of randomization so players with different time zones can participate.

# Name Lvl Max HP Chance Zone Respawn Random
accessory_ring_of_queen_ant_i00.png Queen Ant 40 6.000.000 50% Chaotic 1 HWID/ip 12 hours 12 hours
accessory_ring_of_core_i00.png Core 50 6.000.000 50% Chaotic 1 HWID/ip 12 hours 12 hours
accessory_earring_of_orfen_i00.png Orfen 50 6.000.000 50% Chaotic 1 HWID/ip 12 hours 12 hours
accessory_earring_of_zaken_i00.png Zaken 60 6.000.000 100% Chaotic 1 HWID/ip 36 hours 12 hours
accessory_earring_of_antaras_i00.png Antharas 79 17.500.000 100% Chaotic 1 HWID/ip 7 days 12 hours
accessory_ring_of_baium_i00.png Baium 80 11.709.400 100% Chaotic 1 HWID/ip 5 days 12 hours
accessory_necklace_of_valakas_i00.png Valakas 85 17.500.000 100% Chaotic 1 HWID/ip 8 days 12 hours
accessory_necklace_of_frintessa_i00.png Frintessa 90 4.000.000 100% Chaotic 1 HWID/ip 4 days 12 hours
Until the server opening some changes can be made. Stay tuned.
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