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Opening December 1st at 21:00 gmt+3

Dear players and visitors, we are happy to announce the first opening of L2Derby Interlude server x1 December 1st at 21:00 gmt+3
Server configurations are built so that the game is comfortable for everyone, at any time of the day or night! The changes we have did, you can read at navigation menu FEATURES

Why choose L2Derby?

  • We guarantee at least 2 years without a wipe.
  • We guarantee stable work and advertising on the server.
  • Our team is years experienced and friendly with players.
  • We take care of every player, no matter if it's a donator or not.
  • Unlike other servers, we do not sell shadow donations.
  • NO bots, we fight bots as much as possible.
  • If you have any suggestions, our team is always happy to hear.
  • Source files that use the most top servers, with many fixes and changes by our team.
  • Experienced team that, was players for years.
  • Our team does not play on the server and we have no friends who will play.
  • We do not help with items - things, and we do not interfere with the gameplay.
  • Fair play, we don't pay clans and we don't give rewards to players to play in our server.
  • The server has gone through many tests to bring you quality.
  • If there are any flaws, or something does not work correctly, we will fix it quickly.
  • Protecting data against loss, corruption, disasters (human-caused or natural) and other problems.
If this is not enough for you to join us, write to us and our team will try to please you.
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